Zwift Academy Journey 100%

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With a quick visit to Los Angeles this week, I piggy backed off the invite from Zwift HQ to my husband Shane to meet up with Kate V and finish my Zwift Academy on site at Zwift!

My setup was pretty nice with Wahoo Kickr trainers and Wahoo desk, iPad device and wireless fans. I had brought my own bike to L.A. for some outdoor rides so I knew the fit would be comfortable for the hard session to come. 

As an added benefit, I managed to meet my weekly goal on Zwift and clocked up some vertical kms towards to Tron/concept bike challenge.

I was pretty nervous (for some reason) with other riders and staff members working out around me and walking in/out of the Lab. Once I got into it, it all went smoothly just like my sessions at home.

The final unlock of kit was the magical ZA jersey and knicks making a complete set of socks, kit, gloves, glasses and cap.

The new paintwork on the Canyon bike looked slick and matches all the other kit so well!

The final checkpoint was to verify on the website that the final ride counted and registered. With this all in place, I was set!

Mega thanks to all that chatted along on the group rides and races. Those that have shared on the Facebook group. I hope those that are still chipping away on the session will be encouraged to keep on going. It it totally achievable!

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