Rapha Women's Ride Loop - Melbourne

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Each week I try and attend a group ride outdoors that finishes up with coffee or breakfast and get some social bike time in. Often I have to squeeze in a ride before work and head straight into the office or do the remainder of my weekly sessions solo these days.

The one ride close to my home that I enjoy doing is the Rapha Women's Ride from Collingwood in Melbourne. It leaves Thursday morning at 6am from the corner of Wellington and Peel Streets.

Taking approx. 1hr 10mins it finishes up at a cafe nearby and we chat over coffee about what our cycling comrades are up to and our next adventures. I took a few ladies out this weekend to test out the course and catch up over coffee afterwards. Thanks Shel, Fats and Reese for the mornings ride!! Based on my Instagram forensics, I've been doing this ride for years, it's nice to share it out to a wider group.

We had a Zwift Academy "virtual hills" group training ride which was fun on Thursday and Shane live streamed it on Facebook over 2x 30min sessions. Shel said they saw it live and really enjoyed it. When they were out shopping for bidons, they came home with 2x Kickrs instead! I love that enthusiasm and showed them a few quick tips using the Zwift and Wahoo iPhone apps with our coffee.

The other cool thing about the Academy is that riding outdoors validates the results indoors, so it all clocks up towards your entry to the next round. Stream links below for those interested in what happens in a group workout and listening to Shane talk Zwift and indoor cycling with me popping in/out of the stream.

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