2013 Australian Masters Time Trial Championships

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We headed to Wangaratta Wednesday and bounced onto Goulburn the next morning to prepare for the Time Trial for the Australian Masters National Championships. This is the last year that it will be held in NSW, next year we will be back in my home town of Ballarat.

Goulburn - home of the big Marino

After my disappointing ride last month, I was ready to make amends and had a great warmup ride the day before the competition. It was blowing a gale, but I rode my competition wheels and stretched into position on the course.

On the road with COFFEE!

The next morning the bad weather had blown away, and left a sunny day with a tailwind on the way out and slight head wind on the way back. I triple checked my equipment on the road and verified it was all setup with the bike checking officials.

I had a good warm up and was the last rider off in my category, so was out and ready to go early. The little bit of tail wind was great! I held a great pace on the way out and had the best return leg yet. I came back 1 min quicker than last year.

I was really happy with the ride, but it was not enough to make the podium. I came in 5th in Australia for my category.

Finishing strong!
Shane had a solid ride and finished in 1st for his category.  A great achievement and 5th consecutive National TT Title.

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