Femme Vitesse Richmond Round 2 - Kosdown Performance Cycling

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The sun was shining on us today after a cloudy morning that was threatening the final round of Femme Vitesse in Richmond today.

(c) JXP Photography

We had another full line-up of riders with Tessa Fabry, Sarah Knights, Grace Phang and Dale Maizels to race along side me in the Kosdown Performance Cycling team.

To say I was a little nervous was an understatement, and I had a good idea what to expect! Hot off the start line, I missed my pedal twice and had to regain my position on the front. The hot-dog course was right hand hair pin turns and my Zipp wheels were singing.

I pushed my way up towards the front and the usual headwind that smacks me when training on this circuit was shielded by the bunch. As we approached the other hair pin right hand turn I was in a great position and made it around safely. The wide road was well suited to the large bunch travelling fast and a few echelons.

Trying to catch my breath! (c) JXP Photography

The race ripped apart into smaller groups and breakaways. Chase downs and sprints out of every corner slowly cooked the bunch. It was a pretty fluid tactically, but big mention to Verita Stewart who broke away solo early and stayed out front for almost all the race, sweeping up all the intermediate sprints as well! Also congratulations to my old team mate Lauretta Hanson who came second in the Bendigo round and first in this round. Her team, the Building Champions Squad won the teams event.

My team mates for this race had success with Grace and Tessa coming in 6th and 7th in the final sprint. Along side a solid result last weekend from Teagan, and all of us clocking up points in each race we were consistent enough to win 3rd place in the teams event.

I don't often get a chance to race in teams events, but it has been great to share the experience with these ladies in the well organised and stress free events of the Femme Vitesse series. I hope it runs again next year. Thanks to Rob Carson for his support of Women's racing!

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