Bike Adventures and Melbourne Kermesse Championships

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Life has been a little topsy turvey lately and I've had awesome opportunities to travel with my bike and check out more of Australia.

Thule soft bike bag with internal mounting bracket that turns into a bike stand. 


I've been to Brisbane and checked out the paths, a roll up to Noosa and checked out the local crit track.

Western Australia

I've been to Perth and rolled Kewdale Masters/vets and finished top of the bunch on the "non race" Papas ride around the river.

Australian Capital Territory

I've been up to Canberra and found Red Hill climb and tried to beat the PM's time up there. Raced the Stromlo Crits in Women's A grade and got smashed by Kimberly Wells.


I made it back to home to race the Melbourne Kermesse Champs as a guest ride with Building Champions Squad today. It was a great race with the big guns coming out for some good hard racing.

The course was a nice open sweeping route which suited me and we had a great cross head wind on the downhill section which meant there was a fast tailwind finish. I'd like to come back and have another race when my head is a little clearer after the fun headcold I've had, but I was really happy that I could respond to the attacks, read the race right and move up when I could.

It was a great chance to catch up with the BCWS ladies again too!

I also got a one-off writing gig for Ride On magazine to trial and review a bike. Thanks for the great feedback on my first published article! It's a lot harder to write than I first thought :)

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