Ramping up in April

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In April we had a Cycling Victoria Women's Ride event and I joined the Fondo ladies to complete their hilly course. It was a great morning out and I made a few new contacts and finished up with scones!! My favourite!

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We've been having a pretty wet Autumn and it's been difficult to make the call whether to ride outside. One weekend we had a pretty stormy Saturday and had committed to race the Eureka Vets out at Balliang.  It rained and was windy as hell all the way out there. I warmed up on the trainer under the tennis court shelter as I watched the rain roll in waves and it finished up just as A-Grade rolled out and then rolled out with C-Grade men over the hilly course.

I climbed with the leaders and got dropped on the last few kms back into the finish and came in solo for 3rd! Totally stoked with the podium, I felt I had earned the prize money as it was a very tough ride home.

I needed a massive cattle prod to get me out of bed with the radar forecasting doom and gloom and the overnight/morning rain making everything freezing & soggy. It was worth it in the end. The last rain passed through right when A-grade rolled out and the rest of the grades just had wet roads and the true windswept west we are used to out at Balliang. It was the Ron Rivette Memorial held by Eureka Vets and I was a little nervous of the hills in men's C grade, but I make it over the last ones "just" after the 2 leaders and chased back on. Shane Cooks slowly ripped our legs off and split us up, but I fought home solo in true Amstel Gold Style in Dutch style side/head winds for 3rd place! Woo! πŸ†πŸπŸš΄πŸΌπŸ’¨πŸπŸ‚πŸŒΎ#bringyourlife #winnersRgrinners #amstelTonight
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From highs, to lows.... the weekend after was ANZAC day and we raced again with Eureka Vets in Ballarat. It was misting rain, freezing cold, ripping headwind circuit course that finished on a hill climb that used to be a part of the Elite National Time Trial out near Learmonth.

I liked the circuit, however everything felt really hard. The headwind was hard, the effort felt hard, and halfway into the first lap of the handicap I got dropped. Into the 2nd lap I realised that I had a slow leaking front flat and I was over the cold and wind. I climbed up the finishing KOM on the rim of the wheel, and waited for Shane to finish.

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