Zwift Indoor Cycling

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I've been playing around with ZWIFT for the last few months and I've clocked up a few kms, won a few jerseys and generally enjoyed my ergo sessions on both the Kickr and Lemond a lot more.

Shane suggested we sign up for a hot lap at the product launch at Bike Gallery in Melbourne. I was not too keen to sweat it out under the watchful eye of a room of drinking cyclists, but there was a chance at $500 for the fastest lap.

Shane was invited by the creators to meet the night before the event and I was curious to see what they were like, how serious and far along the development of the product they were and how far they wanted to take it. Working in IT, I had a good appreciation for the effort, budget, logistics and magnitude of the task ahead of them. Good Luck!

Seda looking cool while I am half-dead from my hotlap

I was a little late the next day and arrived with the event all in full swing. I got changed and knocked out a PB on the lap by a few minutes. I had not tried to do a full lap before and it was great to do a solid time. Later in the evening, Trek Fondo rider Seda Camgoz completed a great time and piped me for first place.

Shane set the best time for the night and took home a massive cup and a cheque for $500. Surprisingly the Zwift guys asked if Shane could attend the Sydney event to take on the riders in NSW with an expenses paid trip! The answer was YES! Overwhelmed and over tired it was a big day.

That Friday afternoon we travelled up to Sydney for the finals. It was my first visit to the Rapha Cycle Club and they have a lot of stock on the floor and a great setup. I spoke to Matt Keenan when he arrived and was eager to set another time as I had not had a chance to ride that day with working as well.

I ripped out a better time than in Melbourne, but was taken to the cleaners by the Champions in Sydney who I was in awe of their stamina and awesome power! Shane won the men's time and we had a great dinner afterwards with the team before flying out the next morning for normality with his oversize novelty cheque and trophy.

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It was a pretty early one morning when I woke up to do my workout indoors before work and it was with some trepidation I booted up my laptop with the fresh version of Windows 10 I'd set going overnight. I logged in with my fingerprint for the first time ever and the first thing I loaded was Zwift. It ran on first launch! As I sat warming up for the hill session I had planned for on Watopia I had to reflect that it was pretty cool that something we make for work at Microsoft was awesome to play with too!

All in all it has been an awesome rollercoaster ride with the Zwift team, good fun indoor eSports, healthy competition, and constantly changing virtual worlds to ride on. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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