Slow and steady

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Back to full time work next week, back to some structured training, back to some normality.

The last 2 weeks have seen my energy levels roller coaster up and down. Trying to juggle some work, rest and recovery and the elusive full night's sleep. There was one day where I couldn't get home and I thought I was going to pass out at work, so I went for a little nap on a couch tucked away in a corner. Then there was the 10hr full night's sleep that was the most awesome feeling to wake up with no pain and feel fully rested.

I was banned by my mum from doing the mother's day walk and relegated to the couch. On the plus side I got to have a "do-over birthday" party with the girls & awesome commuter present from my family.

Fresh gluten free berry cake! I think I ate 1/2 of it myself

You'll see me on FIRE commuting in the morning and night!

My surgery was deemed a success at the post-op visit to the surgeon. After a quick look at the latest X-rays, he unceremoniously ripped off all the bandages, took a million photos of the scar and sent me out the door with an appointment to see the Physio.

It seemed like forever till I could see the Physio, but only 4 days later I was feeling so good that I had forgotten to put my sling on to go to work and rocked up to the offices to get the verdict. No above shoulder activity (or raising the roof) for another 2 weeks. And keep the sling on when out and about.

While I've got my feet up watching all the racing, I've been helping out the team with some new ideas, looking to expand the women's team and something to help out the whole Kosdown Performance Cycling team - nutrition!

It has also been a good time to stop and smell the roses, read my book in the warm autumn sun in the car while following the local racing. Looking back briefly it was nice to feel that while I might have been out there to race at the Metropolitan Championships and the Kew TT, it is also nice to catch up with everyone between races and coffee afterwards. Thanks to all those who said Hi and asked how I was doing. I'm doing fine, but I can see it will be a slow road to try and build back up to race in full force again.

I've been talking about the Wangaratta Club Tour for 12 months to anyone with an ear about how much I enjoyed this last year and how Grace Phang and I had a great battle for placings each stage right up to the point where I had to drop out of the tour to make my flight to France for my first ever international cycling adventure. As this will be 5 weeks post op for me, I have a feeling that the physio is going to laugh at me at my next appointment when I broach the subject and I'll be relegated to swanny duties :( However I encourage everyone else to enter. Not only because it is a great club tour with shorter stages - it's one for any ability and I guarantee you will be welcomed.

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