On the road again

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I am so excited to share my association with Thule!

Thule (pronounced TOO-LA!) 
It's now official, I'm one of their Team Australia athletes. Not only can they strap or mount anything to your car, they now have their own easily removable Pack n Pedal pannier system for touring/commuting and have great luggage for all the travelling I do.

Looking totally cool in Thule
So if you are in the market for some gear I can direct you to the right people to get a great deal and spend more on your bikes/snow/adventures. Stay tuned as there will be some awesome events, competitions and opportunities that will come your way through me!

WooHoo! Thule on my car on top of Falls Creek!

Just a quick update to let you know that things are moving slowly in the positive direction. Had my 5 weeks post op checkup. The bone is growing and fusing like it should and I'm allowed some freedom. The surgeon is letting me off the leash!

I have been working with Velosure and Bike n Bean to get my bike repaired. A few small things needed replacing, a new set of wheels, and now I'm ready to roll. I forgot to include shoes and helmet under my insurance, which was a bit of an oversight as when you crash as it is highly likely you will need to replace either or both. Now I have all shiny new stuff and am excited about my first race back.

New Bike Bling! Grippy bar tape, Zippy wheels, Specialized saddle, sparkly silver and white helmet.

This weekend I will head out to Lancefield for the Northern Combine St Kilda Trophy race. I have only been back on the bike a short while (this will be my second week), but I can't miss out on a "women's only" grade on one of my favourite circuits. While I am not in A-Grade form, it will be awesome fun to get out there with the girls and RACE!

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