Amy's Grand Fondo 2013 Test Ride

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This weekend I spent with my super commuter mate Deb who loves her road bike and is attempting her first mass participation ride.  We spent a lot of time gossiping and also went over a few of the finer points of long distance road riding.

We went through how to: 
  • Bunch ride and what to concentrate on
  • Sit in a rider's slipstream so to save some energy in headwind sections
  • Pacing on longer climbs, cadence, posture
  • Descend on hairpins, sweeping corners, keeping momentum on rolling hills
  • When to eat and nutrition on the bike
Von and Deb on tour (nutrition pictured may/may not have been consumed)

It was great to clock up the kilometres and pass on all the small stuff that I've picked up and been told by others over the years in a low stress weekend over the route of the Amy's Grand Fondo course.

This year I have been invited back to Amy's Grand Fondo to be a part of the Hydralyte Women's Team after we won that category last year and I'm looking forward to setting a comparable time. We had such a great time in 2012, I hope the weather holds out and we get a head wind along the coast and a tail wind inland when you need a bit of a pep up!

I have to admit this is one of the nicest courses I have ever ridden, with full road closures for the entire 120km, feed stations, toilets on route and the most picturesque with both coastline and forrest. I highly recommend you come and join in the fun at Amy's Grand Fondo.

Me in my most winning moment with medal, jersey, trophy and giant novelty cheque. Shane being my podium chick with his own giant cheque for winning his age category.

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