Wangaratta Time Trial Open

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I was really looking forward to the Wangaratta TT. More time on the TT bike and another Open level competition, it was going to be great to get out there earlier and support our team mates who were competing in the Junior Vic State TT and Road Championships.

We were lucky enough to stay with Tony again and enjoy the space from the city, coffee in Wangaratta and a quick stop by Wes at West End Bike Hub. A short hello turned into a mini shopping expedition with all the unique items they have in store. 

The grey weather made warming up at the sale yards hard. The course was 19km T shape that started and finished in the grounds, I'd practiced my turns (6 for this route), but not in the drizzly conditions that started out for me. 

My new custom Kosdown Disc Zipp Wheel - custom made by Dyma 

The start of the ride felt great with another tail wind to keep momentum up. I passed one lady before the turn around.  The battle would be won or lost on the main section of road that was mostly headwind. My mind wandered at one point and I remember a guy passing me. Was he in my grade? Why as he slowing down? I nearly caught him when he turned on the gas again at about the halfway mark. 

I had negotiated the last hairpin and had what felt like nothing left in the tank but it was the tailwind playing with me! I heard someone cheer me on the second last turn, I tip toed around as I couldn't see with the drizzle and eyes streaming like my nose!

The last main section home felt fast! Riders were still coming out for their rides and I was flying home. All too soon the last turn came up in a blue and I braked hard as someone screamed for me to keep going through the finish. I sprinted out of the saddle and kept banging down through the gears to the line. Done!

Shane rolled out to start as I got back to the car. I was freeeezing cold, my whole body started to shake and felt really sick so I wrapped as many layers on as I cooled down. 

Bat Bike all tarted up with Thule and Kosdown

As I started packing up I heard the A-Grade men announced that they were finishing. A few came in and then I heard the commentator say that Shane had crashed on the last corner. It was too far away to see or get there, then I saw him roll across the finish line. What a relief!

Unfortunately the reality was not so good as he's now broken his collarbone, and I've ended up with a head cold. All fun and games in this crazy sport. The race reality was that we both came 3rd in our grades!! (Yes, even with his crash!)

The coveted podium envelope - collected by team mate Stephen Lane while we were at the Hospital

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