Shimano SUPERCRIT 2014

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I was trying to pretend that the Shimano Supercrit was not going to be a big deal. My legs and lungs were still suffering after Tour of Bright and travel to Perth for work and I've just been feeling tired. Then the preparation for the day started up and slowly I started to feel excited... the last race of the year!

The SKCC criterium circuit is great for me with its wide sweeping corners, long straights and fast finish. I had heard the preparations for the day were big, but the setup was MASSIVE! Double decker viewing platforms, team tents, massage station, food trucks, drinks and ice-cream.

We met up at the Flight Centre Active Travel tent for a few team pics and to register, then I quickly departed to a quiet spot to warm up properly and not get distracted and nervous. The women's field was huge with 65 starters.

The BCWS ladies lined up on the front of the grid and shuffled mid pack after the neutral laps and the pace slowly wound up each lap. It was windy in the main straight and nothing was getting away. There were actually good opportunities to move up on such a wide straight circuit, but you had to be very aware of the way the bunch was surging and darting across to not cross any wheels.

There were plenty of attacks, but it was almost like that swarm of machines from the matrix that swallows itself and feeds on itself - There was no leader. I was buoyed by the fact I'd made it halfway through but there were more sprint laps to come and I started to scramble at the back. At around 10 mins to go there was a crash in the middle of the pack on a corner. I slowed to dodge around the bikes and riders blocking the road, but the race was gone. I rolled around to the commissaire at the start line to get a lap out, but 6-7 of us that were held up were denied.

Back into the race we went, and the pace picked up again as the last 3 laps got faster. The whole bunch was strung out and by the time I came out of the back straight, the leaders were going into the final corner! In no time at all I'd made up a few more places finishing mid pack and doing my own victory salute for the final race of the year!

I was still pumped from the atmosphere, mad beats, commentary and caffeine high days later. I hope that next year I'll be fitter, stronger, more confident and in form to give this a real stab instead of just hanging on and following wheels.

It's pretty great to be involved with companies that love and support what you do. So it was great to have a little bit of space to meet up, the ladies warm up and catch up with Josh and the gang from Flight Centre. We will be doing more with these guys in the coming year. If you're planning travel, you can go through him too on the BC Womens Squad contact form.

Now I'm looking forward to enjoying my food, rides and adventures before the seriousness sets in again for 2015 season. Happy Riding and Adventures to all!

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