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Tara - my new ride for 2015
It's only been a fews weeks post crash and it's been all action stations on many fronts.

The first week was focused on assessing current state, verifying the scans and blood tests by the doctor.

I visited the surgeon who inserted the pin from my original crash to assess the impact of the fracture and bent pin. The good news is that the bend is minor enough not to cause misalignment in the clavicle and we can just let it all heal in place.

Then when all was confirmed to be good to go and heal, a little bit of physiotherapy to get some movement back into my neck, upper back and more mobility after coming to a sudden stop at over 40kmph.

When I setup my bike again for the first indoor session there was some great relief to get my restless legs spinning over, the blood flowing after days on pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs.

In summer it is not that usual for me to smash out an indoor trainer session, but the first few sessions have been an awesome endorphin rush. A frustration and emotional release while pushing the pedals from building up over the summer to get ready for my first race and to have that ruined and everything reset.

I've been dieting still and eating fresh, clean foods, my body was in shock and instantly I have been carrying 3-4kg more than usual making my whole body feeling foreign. I'm looking forward to the days where it all feels easy and the only hurt is the self inflicted push of the legs and burn in the lungs... ahhhhh!

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In the mean time, I've been travelling for work in the last week and unable to carry bike bags so I managed to line up a session at Hall Cycle Training in Perth. These guys have the setup nailed! I rocked up early in the morning in kit with my shoes and smashed out an interval session on cyclops spin bikes with it all hooked up to a resistance power meter that took no prisoners.

The extra nice feature was the session was all recorded and saved back to my Training Peaks account for my coach to check out.

The next session I booked in for was at the Athlete Lab in Sydney. I had a morning free before work to wander in and see a group session in progress. There were rows of cyclists watching race footage and following an interval session all pre-programmed to their FTP. On the massive full wall projection they had each individual's power/speed/cadence up there so they could look at the numbers and just RIDE!

It was a humid morning, but the 50 million fans kept the air moving for my intro session that was located off to one side of the main stage. I have to admit that it was not my best day, but I struggled through the 5min intervals and felt more refreshed after a shower and ready for the day ahead. The workout files can again be hooked up to Strava or Training Peaks.

I'm not a gym girl and wouldn't know what to do in one, but I'm in my element in a spin room. One thing I noticed that impacted me was bike fit. Setting up the position (if you know how you like to ride) is really important for a good session and also for the long sessions to prevent injury.

I'm back travelling for one more week to some different areas in Sydney so I'll see if I can find some more places to check out and spin it up! In the mean time, enjoy the Summer people and I'll see you out on the roads when i can use my left shifter and breaks :)

I picked up my new bike from The Ride Cycles - Her name is Tara! Fully equipped 2015 Tarmac with:

- 11 speed Shimano Dura Ace
- 40mm Roval carbon clincher race wheels
- S-Works Quark power meter

I'm looking forward to getting back out on the road soon!
Bike build in progress!! Check out that RAD paintwork!

A few extra essential items
The Ride Cycles putting out their best carpet for Tara's launch

Tara and Von at the BelAir lookout in Adelaide last month

Tara resting in the little ring on the side of Willunga waiting for Ritchie Porte to win the stage of the TDU.

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