Progress at snails pace

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Instagram: May have put on a few kg being sick and not riding my bike... All the better to fill out this RAD kit!
Thanks to @petamullens for the kitInsiration. Only in my wildest dreams and about 10yrs younger would I ever get to ride for Wiggle Honda #aussie #champ
But I could still kinda wear it for TTs? #motivation #fitspo

I've been to doctors, specialists, had sinus surgery, gone through a round of infection and am on my 2nd round of antibiotics. I think I am on the mend and promising my Mum to take it slowly.

The funny thing is that now exercise is no longer a habit that I could indulge in and spend ALL my time planning training sessions and the next race... I am at a bit of a loss to what to do!

I've been helping out the BCWS get organised for 2016 and we were tracking along pretty good until Specialized pulled out at the last minute and our major sponsor did not come to the party. I've pushed my social networks to the limits with organising a wine drive that was 2x as successful as last year.

Wine Fundraising Drive

It's still something I feel very passionate about - providing opportunities for women to race at all levels in cycling in Australia. I've about exhausted my limit for helping though for the next few months and need to get back on the bike myself. So for 2016 I will be focusing on my riding again and will not be joining BCWS.

Pack er up! Let's get back riding with Tara Tarmac!

Work has been going pretty well and I'm hoping it will continue to do so next year as organising myself and my bike has not been an issue for me in the past and work is flexible - apart from the travel side of things, but I'm not complaining as winter in Perth was just lovely!

Work session in Kuala Lumpur

I've also been keeping busy participating in a spine study with Deakin University and received a free MRI of my spine, looking forward to seeing the results of this.

Next challenge is also investigating which tracking tool to use for my riding? Strava, Todays Plan, Training Peaks? There are so many options with different benefits and price points.

These are not my numbers, mine are much worse

Next year I will also be part of Bicycle Network's - The RACV Ascent. A women's only premium event for cycling that has setup a 100km gran fondo style event in Melbourne's Dandenongs - closed roads, mad beats, delicious goodies, free RACV Bike Assist for the year and free training sessions to get ready and confident for the day. Sounds like a great initiative to me, I doubt they will get large numbers, so it will be an even better experience this first year to get in when it is not crowded.

In the mean time I am also looking forward to the Rapha Festive 500 informal challenge this holiday season. Something about publicly committing to the effort makes it worth going out in 40+ degrees to pump out the kms worth it. Or I might be slightly crazy... Bring on 2016!

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