Loving Indoor Workouts

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I finished my workout last night and felt the buzz again. It was so nice to step off the bike after a good session and feel the satisfaction of executing it perfectly!

Working out and watching Tour de France
I've been working my way through the Zwift workouts and doing a few of the group rides. Coming from years of indoor training and preparation for racing it was good to review the types of workouts listed and they lived up to what I expected. Today we got the second months worth of workouts and I was interested to see what the progression would be.

Second Round of Workouts

There is a good variety of cadence sessions and by switching to erg mode it is a whole new world with a Kickr! What I have noticed was that it will lock the power to be in a certain zone or level and then it will slightly adjust the resistance so while you might be doing 150w, you need to be in one of your highest gears spinning at 120rpm to execute some of the intervals correctly. Its has added a real dynamic to the traditional workouts and to have intervals automatically programmed in, it is a great reward to have a little gold star beside each segment completed successfully.

I have added all of the next months workouts into my Training Peaks account to plan out the next few weeks. There are still a few outstanding workouts from the first months I need to complete, but I am feeling much healthier and have been able to do double session days and long workouts like the Pretzel Mission.

I was pretty happy with my century ride late on Sunday as it was super consistent. However I totally underestimated my nutrition and had to call in Shane via sms for fresh drink bottles twice!

I'm looking forward to a little variety in the group rides this month. The 5x5 hill rides and sprints are getting a little worn out from the first month, but I can't wait to see what else comes up.

What I have noticed is that it has changed my perspective. Having indoor goals means I am not so focused on this winter weather.

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