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In my cycling history to date there has been a lot of focus on intensity and preparing for races that are anywhere from an hour or so, to 80-100kms. This requires specific training to execute at a competitive level, and then repeat for multi stage races that were my speciality.

There are 2 rides that are coming up on my calendar that push me out of the comfort zone and will challenge me to go further than I ever have gone before on a bike.

Rapha Prestige Brisbane

Earlier this year I rode in the Rapha Prestige Merricks that rolled over a challenging 121kms of the Peninsula in Victoria. I was so enamoured by the adventure and the camaraderie of my little team that I went in search for future Prestige rides in Australia. Brisbane popped up on the list for July and Margaret River later in the year.

With Winter rolling in the rain and cooler days, it was not hard to drum up enthusiasm from those around me in Melbourne to come join in the Brisbane version! In fact we have an ALL female team set to take on the 170kms of on road/off road action.

I am pretty excited to take Tara the Tarmac up north again and soak up the warmth. I've had advice from The Ride Cycles about tyres and pressure to run, I've topped up my spares to take for the day and will be ready to rip up the roads with my teamies.

Specialized will be setting us up in some great kit for the day so that we will be super comfy and visible on the roads. There is a lot of terrain to cover and we will be matching on road and at the coffee shop :)

My team mates will be:
Chevonne Arrowsmith - BrisVegas local and gracious last minute replacement for Lisa Coutts - teamie from Melbourne Rapha Cycle Club/Merricks Prestige who was hit by a taxi and broke her knee.
Emma Pane - long time team mate from Kosdown and Building Champions Womens Squad.
Kat Lee - best mate who just smashed out the Ironman Cairns this June.

To celebrate this event and Kat's achievement I have named our team the IRON MAIDENS.

I'm hoping they can all take turns to tow me around the course, take pics, have a picnic and we can work on our tans over winter. However this Instagram post below does strike fear in my heart... Wish us luck:

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Amy's Gran Fondo

‘Gran Fondo’ is an age old Italian cycling term, meaning ‘great endurance’.
I have competed in this for the last few years and this September they are changing up the 120km course to reverse! Amy's Gran Fondo is just a magical ride. Last year I was so ill and still finished the course loving every minute of it with my team mate Nik. This year I will be with my GoActive Outdoor team mates to roll across the line together.

A long hot day AGF 2015

Around the Bay in a Day

This is a well known ride to anyone in Melbourne - even if you don't ride a bike. It is literally 210kms looping anti-clockwise around the bay in a day from Melbourne. This will be the most amount of kilometres I have ever ridden in one single day.

At this stage I will be riding solo, so if anyone else is signing up to this option in October, get in touch and lets form a peloton! There are many other distances from 20 to the new 250km route (taking in more coastline near Geelong), if you are up for the challenge.

This one has been on my bucket list for a few years and after it's done I will be able to call myself a real Melbourne Cyclist!

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