2016 Review on the Bike

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Just over 12,000km on the bike for the year of 2016, averaging 1,000km and 40hrs a month on the bike. A different type of riding this year - focus on long kilometres and different structure to training and keeping fit. Included in that is 2,552km indoors on Zwift.

Perth for work
Spectating at the Nationals in Ballarat
Spectating, driving women's TDU convoy - Zwift Academy Announcement!
Organising and celebrating Mum's 70th Bday Party in Ballarat

The Ascent course recon, ambassador work and photoshoot
Work in Canberra 2x and Gold Coast conference
Ride long weekend on Gold Coast
RACV The Ascent training rides

Canberra for work 2x
RACV The Ascent training rides
Easter on Magnetic Island hiking and swimming
Commence Zwift Academy training rides - prep

New Subaru Outback
Canberra for work 2x
Rapha Prestige - Merricks
First ever 100km indoor Zwift ride with Shane
RACV The Ascent training rides
Zwift Academy Rides
Bright Cycling Long Weekend

Zwift week in AU. Events in Sydney, Melbourne
SKCC women's ride event
Canberra for work 2x
RCC Giro Transfermento Ride + Pizza & Beer
Rapha Womens 100 Ride Leader Recon
Zwift Academy Rides

Horsham bunch rides
Canberra for work 2x
Zwift Academy Rides
Cairns Ironman spectator for Kat Lee
Maap Womens Ride
Melbourne Roobaix
Zwift Academy Rides & Live Streaming workouts

Rapha Prestige - Brisbane
Tour de Babes - Farewell Amy!
Rapha Womens 100 - ride leader
Canberra for work 2x
100km metric century indoor Zwift ride
TDF late night watching
Perth Long weekend and rides
Zwift Academy Rides

Sydney for work x2
Cairns for cycling and hiking
Zwift Academy Rides
Darwin rides and Top End Gran Fondo
Falls Creek snow long weekend
Zwift Academy Completes

Wonthaggi Long weekend with Deb
Canberra for work 2x
DZI 100km indoor Zwift ride
Fathers Day ride - first cycle with Dad
Amy's Gran Fondo and Great Ocean Road Long Weekend
RCC Dirty 130 Pilgrimage

Mt Buffalo ride and flood dodging
Around the Bay 210km completed
Canberra for work 2x
Sydney for work
Horsham Bunch Ride
Rapha Prestige - Margaret River and Perth rides

All month in Sydney for work
RCC SYD - Brooklyn, Palm Beach, Wyong

Le Tape at Jindabyne
Sydney for work 2x weeks
Spectate the Ballarat 1/2 Ironman with Fi!
Horsham Bunch ride
Spectate the SKCC Supercrit
Rapha Festive 500

I hope to keep up the momentum in 2017 as the love of the bike - climbing, descending, railing corners, social chats and travelling is still going strong. Try and keep up!

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