2017 on the bike

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It's been a big year in many ways. Here is a quick rundown and review:

January 2018:
Mars Nationals Gran Fondo
Les Mills RPM class in Sydney
Cycling trip to Tour Down Under inc Rapha Women's Ride ADL

February 2018:
Herald Sun Tour Prologue Ride
Cycling/work Trip to Seattle, USA and snowboarding in Canada
Rapha Women's Thursday Rides

March 2018:
Ella Cycling Tips Ladies Ride
Lots of commuting via bike
Rapha Women's Thursday Rides

April 2018:
Memorial Ride for Mike - Indian Pacific Wheel Race
Cycling Trip to Vegas
CVR World CUP - 5th in the WORLD!
Whittlesea Challenge
First KISS Australia-East eCrit Series Races
Rapha Women's Thursday Rides

May 2018:
KISS Australia-East eCrit Series Races
Rapha Giro Transfermento
Thornbury Washboard ride
Horsham Weekend rides
SKCC Women's Annual Ride and Luncheon
Rapha Women's Thursday Rides
June 2018:
KISS Australia-East eCrit Series Races
Rapha Women's 100 training rides
Rapha Women's Thursday Rides
Magnetic Island Trip

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July 2018:
Rapha Women's 100 training rides and ride leader on the day
SKCC Trophy Race
Cycling trip to Perth with Shane and Slane
KISS Australia-East eCrit Series Races
Rapha Women's Thursday Rides

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August 2018:
LamaPaced up Deans Marsh climb with personal best time!
Final Zwift - KISS Australia-East eCrit Series Race (1st overall woman)

September 2018:
Cycling trip to Adelaide with Nik
Fondo Pie Ride
Zwift Academy Rides/Races
Rapha Women's Thursday Rides

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October 2018:

Rapha Women's Thursday Ride
Zwift Academy Rides/RacesMove house to Ballarat
Ride to work Day - Ballarat to Melbourne
Bowral Classic
Crash on Black Hill - first gravel rash :(

November 2018:
Unlock of Zwift level 25 (5277km & 53,700 m climbed indoors)
Fight MND Charity Ride all month long (1538kms)
Bass Coast Challenge
Introduction and first rides with the Ballarat Hummingbirds

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December 2018:
Final Rapha Women's Ride with Nadine <3
First Ballarat Crit on the new surface
Ride to SuperCrit - Ballarat to Melbourne

With 2x USA and Canada trips and 2x Adelaide trips, 1x Perth and 1x Sydney there was a good amount of variety. I met and made some great connections with women from all around the world.
Special mention to Kate V who I rode with at TDU and we met up in L.A. Lindsay G who I met in Vegas and set the next level as SUPERMUM rider inspiration. Anne-Marije who took me out on a massive adventure in Seattle. Nicole M who got me back on the bike and re-motivated after I got sick in August and after my crash at the end of October. Nadine for the weekly Rapha Women's ride that anchored my week and added some social to my week. Shane for towing me, motivating me, sharing the latest bike tech with me plus a few cameo appearances on the YouTube series - LamaDrives.
While my whole year has been less kms than ever before, November was a bigger km count than ever before! It was my first charity ride that I wanted to get involved with and I want to thank ALL of you for the donations and support to keep me going. Last but not least - Thanks to Go Active Outdoors that supports my cycling and keeps Australia in THULE products.

A few hints at what 2018 will bring:

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