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While building up the form there is some great women's racing to take part in. Each year the Northern Combine's St Kilda Cycling Club Trophy Race is a favourite. I won Women's B-Grade a few years ago and last year I finished with the bunch in the top 10 in Women's A-Grade. This year I was not going to be competitive, but it would be a good measure of current form from couch to bike in two weeks.

There was no threat by me as I didn't see the pointy end of the race, but the other competitors were so welcoming and lovely to have me back in the bunch. I finished out the back of the pack and I'm looking forward to my next scratch race with a lot more training under my belt.

The Castlemaine Cycling Club held an Open Time Trial that Shane won. While the team were slogging it out against the clock, I went out and rode the Hardcourt 65km road course loop that part of the Metro Championships were held. I was in a sling cheering the guys when this race was on, so it was great to get back out on the circuit for a lovely peaceful training ride on the almost empty back roads.

Enjoying a little bit of fun in the SUN!

This Tuesday you will be able to see me on Fox Sports "Le Tour Prologue"on pay TV.

Ready for filming

Shane was approached to film a segment and I said that I could be an extra in the background. What ended up was a different scenario! We filmed on Yarra St, Kew famous by Shane's multiple attempts with 50 repeats and 100 repeats. I managed a quick warmup and then completed the first take behind the car perfectly. I might have needed an extra wheat-bix to get to the roundabout, but recovered for the downhill.

Rolling! TV camera in the boot.

I've still got a bit more training before I tackle multiple repeats, as every other take I struggled to make it to the top. Afterwards we shot a little one-on-one interview to cover how we use Strava. I hope they cut it up to make me look good ;) Sure I made it up with ease every time!

You can catch my 2012 Alpe D'Huez climb on "Strava Classics" when they release that later in the year.

You have to love a Time Trial! Over the weekend we travelled to the Geelong CC TT. It was a good opportunity to get back in TT position on the "Bat bike" and race locally. We had a held start, electronic timing, good course and friendly atmosphere. Shane won the elite men category and I got some good experience on the road.

The next day we spent training in Barwon Heads. It was relatively warm and great to get a 40km TT. No secrets revealed in this training session, TT's are HARD work.

The bat bike and Shane's Shiv on tour in Barwon Heads and out to Point Lonsdale

This weekend the much advertised Rapha Women's 100 Ride is on. It should be a good ride for 100km in your local area or join the main ride here. Hope to see a million ladies out and about, even for the first or last 50kms.

If you are wondering if you should do it or not, listen to the motivational penguin:
It is time to get back in competition

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