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Throughout July I had the awesome and rare opportunity to team up with my St Kilda Cycling Club mates for some Time Trial training sessions. Thanks to Stuart McKenzie for organising these. We formed a record number of teams for the Cycling Victoria Club Team Time Trial Championships. I had been training on the TT bike more and more since Phillip Island and wanted to be comfortable on the bike and feel fitter.

Side profile of Mt Buninyong on the TTT course out to Mt Mercer.

I went to Ballarat the day before the race and rode the course solo. It was awesome flying out the road with the wind at my back and rolling up and down the roller-coaster course. I had an appointment for some more physio on my shoulder and turned back after 30mins and that was when it hit me.
H E A D  W  I  N  D

It was more than what I was expecting. The gusting sidewind was pushing me across the road with traffic flying 100 kmph it was nerve wracking. After about 20 mins Shane had caught up with me and asked if he should go on ahead and get the car as we'd be late for my appointment. Reluctantly I said yes and he took off. I kept pedalling and was really worried about the conditions, being late and started getting upset. With 1.5km to go back to the start, I'd missed my appointment start and the car magically appeared around the corner.... how fast had I gone? How slow was Shane?

Freeeeezing at the finish line at Kryal Castle

We went to the end of my appointment, picked up some lunch and then drove out to see the finish of Melbourne to Ballarat. It was great to see a local racer Pat Shaw win!

Pat Shaw - Winner of Melbourne to Ballarat 2013

The next day it was a grey day and the wind was the same. I found my team mates Jo Riley and Dale Maizels and started warming up. We were well looked after at the SKCC tent with food, shelter and right on the start line. Thanks Gaelene Snelling for organising all of the logistics. After a good warm-up we lined up with our tactic to make it back strong and alive!

Panarama of TTT riders - so many llamas

Last year we had people holding us on the start line, this year we rolled off and clipped in. Without looking back we took a good line through the bumpy pot holed first few kms and rolled solid turns. We kept together on the hills and powered on the flat sections, fuelled up and hit the turn around. I was last in and we came in too hot. Our perfectly timed slow turn around practices were for nothing as I called to turn and we all struggled to turn into the headwind.

Totally prepared from the conditions last year and the bleak reminder the day before, we chipped away at the flat headwind section, climbed to our ability through the hilly section, stayed together and kept our spirits high for the way home. It was hard work. We cheered the boys on as they came the opposite direction and at one point I thanked my team mates mid race that they were there with me on this day - because yesterday was horrible solo!

Jo Riley, Dale Maizels and me for the Team Time Trial

Before we knew it, the 1km to go sign was there. "Last Hill!!" I screamed into the headwind and we stomped up the climb. From somewhere I found a last kick to the line in my legs and with Dale hot on my wheel we finished to set 2nd fastest Masters women time.

It took a little while to catch our breath, spin out the 50kms of craziness we'd just witnessed and take stock of our performance. I'm not sure I had much more to give, but we did great. Group hug back at the tent and quickly adding layers to keep warm.

The medal ceremony was soon after the men came back and it was great to see a few groups sticking around for this. While it might have ended in a rain storm we had a good day out with St Kilda Cycling Club.

My silver state level medal run continues - still have road and TT to come next month

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