Zwift Academy Group Ride

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Tonight was the first group ride for the Zwift Academy. The format was to ride together for 6 laps with the ride leader on the 5.1km flat Richmond course.

Lap 1 - easy pace warmup
Laps 2-5 - sprint from the 200m to go sign to the green sprint banner
Lap 6 - easy pace cool down

Logging in earlier, the game puts you in a holding pattern and when you pedal a virtual stationary trainer pops around your back wheel and you can spin to warm up. It has a BIG countdown clock and chat area to comment to others warming up and waiting for the start.

When you roll out, you pop out under the start banner on the Richmond course and then continue straight onto the circuit. In the picture below you can see the lap/distance counter in the centre of the image. The mini terrain map shows the green dot where the next sprint is.

I initially rolled out with the front bunch until the ride leader called us to wait, then dropped into the second bunch. There was not much chatter except for the ride leader calling out task cues.

The last lap cool down was great! Chatter on screen picked up and it was great to see ladies from everywhere online and participating.

My performance: It has been a long time between sprint sessions for me. I was 200w down from where I have seen my peak power before. I and found it hard to wind up and sustain. Where I kicked the sprint off from (the roundabout or closer to the intersection) didn't make much of a difference. Each sprint I did was faster than the previous so it was a great session from that perspective. It was different technique to outdoors where you would use the torque of the bike more.

What I did enjoy was the punchy and playfulness of the sprints which I have missed from my long km rides lately. So this was a good reminder to add some more into my every day rides.

Deadline to enroll - July 31st 2016. Join the Zwift Academy.

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