Zwift Academy - The Initiation

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There is no secret that I am a fan of women's cycling and have been racing for years. If you read back over the last few blog posts, I've been looking for something to catch my attention and would fit in around my busy work lifestyle. When I heard about the Zwift Academy, it caught my attention for sure.

It was with some trepidation that I clicked on the Enroll button for the Zwift Academy. Would I be accepted? Had I done enough riding to be fit enough to start this? What would it involve?

- Did I have the equipment setup? Yes. Kickr, fan and TV setup in the spare room.
- Do you have your accounts setup? Yes. I have connected my Strava to Zwift so it auto saves each workout and I have connected my Training Peaks account (adding in TrainSharp) to get all the detailed data.
- Did I have enough flexibility to add structured training sessions to my week? Yes. No current coach or cycling team responsibilities.
- Could I do group rides on Zwift? Yes. Assuming they fit in around the work day.

Follow my journey

To keep me accountable, I am going to put my workouts in my "Ride Calendar" above. I am tracking everything in Strava and Training Peaks, so that my rides will be available to Zwift and TrainSharp to assess. You can ride online with me for the sessions if you are in the same timezone and if you see me, give a #RideOn

I will do a weekly wrap-up of my rides for the week, how my points are tracking, and how I am coping on this blog. As always you can see my other daily updates on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

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