Zwift Academy

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I'm joining the Academy. Not the Police Academy! The Zwift Academy. In the hope that some structured training will get me through these winter months and start motivating me for more fun adventures on the bike.

The concept is to stick my bike on the indoor trainer and do workouts (9 for this month, 27 in total) as prescribed by Jon Sharples from TrainSharp using Zwift workout mode. This should be familiar as I've been doing indoor workouts over winter for the last 5 years.

Riding at the Bike Gallery Zwift Launch in 2015. Photo: Martyn Taylor

I will also need to schedule in the group rides once a week (to complete 9 in total) to get a feel for the competition and to get used to riding later in the evening (they start at 8:30pm!?! on the east coast of Australia). I have been riding on Zwift for over a year, doing some racing online with Pro4mance, some of the C grade races and the initial Zwift Academy rides so it is familiar. This is going to be fun!

The concept is pretty cool, but the journey will end for most in September when only 10 women from around the world will make it to the semi finals. Those that make it that far will receive a mentor, invited to on-site workouts and receive a complimentary Wahoo KICKR SNAP smart trainer to complete the remainder of the process!

Once they whittle down the numbers, 3 lucky finalists will be invited to the CANYON//SRAM Racing Zwift Academy Training Camp. I'm not sure where in the world this will be held, but I'm sure it will be worth saving up to fly around the world for this. The final winner will get a paid contract for the 2017 racing season with CANYON//SRAM.

Now I know that I am not going to make it to the semi-finals as I know my power numbers are not amazing and my time commitment with work is hard. So the aim is to see how far I can get through the process and enjoy the free workouts!

The exciting thing is that this opens up the whole new world for women looking to join the professional ranks. The traditional pathway in Australia is to race your way into gaining notice and applying through an Institute of Sport. You might be lucky enough to be selected to race internationally for the national team if you get picked up by a state or national institute. I am really looking forward to following everyone's journey and I'm going to share mine along the way too.

First step for me will be all the setup and planning for the first month! Wish me luck!

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