Rapha Women’s 100 Training Rides

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Women from around the world have pledged to cycle together on 15/09/18 for this years Rapha Women’s 100 Ride. 

Previously this has been held earlier in Winter when the memory of warm days and long training kms are still fresh in the memory and the legs. 

This year it’s been a struggle for me to get out, with the weekend morning bunch rides cancelled in Ballarat due to weather. So I have been doing a few more indoor rides and planning when I can get out for organised rides and the options around the area for different courses. It’s definitely a motivation to try do more event based rides. 

Last month was the first organised Rapha Womens 100 Training rides for the Melbourne cycling club. I was tasked with leading the intermediate group for a 100km ride along Beach Road. On the morning it was quite windy and fewer riders showed up than registered, so we consolidated groups, shortened the course and rolled with the tempo of the fast bunch. 

It has been a long while since I’ve been out that way! Though it was easy to remember the rolling terrain and corners from frequent rides in a time gone by. 

This month we did a cut down variation of the planned W100 Melbourne course. There were 2 bunches on offer this time and we headed out of the city construction detours to the north. 

As per this time of the year it was a bracing and brisk fresh breeze that smacked us along the bike paths out of Melbourne. Those that came along brought a sense of adventure as I followed my Garmin 1030 with the extra mapping detail. 

It was also good to see a few friendly faces. The most FAQ was how is Ballarat/country life? As I don’t have a social life anyway, it’s just a longer commute to work and a shorter ride out to the countryside to ride! Also my heating bill is higher and I ride inside more over winter. 

The new registeration site is up now for the day. So those that have pledged to ride 100kms can sign up to join me or one of the groups for September. With a focus on participation rather than difficulty, it will be good to see how the final course goes on the day. There will also be a 65km option for those wanting to participate, but cannot make the full distance. Come join us.  Also the coffee is pretty good!

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