ZA 25% complete

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This weekend it was wet and windy out so I set myself up for a double session. First up was a Zwift Academy group ride for an hour and then a group workout for session “3. Under Ones”. 

It was nice to join a team ride with ladies ready to pedal the same watts. The peloton soon split to multiple groups on the road. 

Somehow I had escaped off the front of the group while typing messages to the group on my phone. After a few minutes I realised they were not coming back to me so I waited up for the group. At that time there were a lot of smaller groups so it was hard to tell when the main group would come through. 

All in all it was a good warm up. As best practice I saved the workout and quit the game to restart for the workout session. It needs to do this to create a new file and register as a separate workout. Something I hope to see Zwift fix from a UI perspective. 

Also when I went into the device connections in the companion app the Todays Plan link had disconnected again. I will need to raise a support ticket for that as I have tried on web and via the companion app and it will not stay connected. 

The other interesting functionality was the erg mode disabled on this ride and made for a flaky workout. I managed to salvage some of it once I realised, but I could not get it to re-enable. Some of the sectors could have stayed on erg to make it easier to pass. 

It was good to see a few familiar names online doing the same rides as me too. A big motivation! Thanks! 
Another motivation was the freebie unlocked item of the new ZA socks. Now I will be looking virtually sharp!

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