ZA structure and setup

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In the lead up to Zwift Academy (ZA) this year I tested out the Zwift Fondo training plan.  This was a good start and way to get into a structured workouts at my own time and pace. 

For ZA in 2018 we will need to complete 16 events during an 8-week period to graduate.

- 10 structured workouts

- 4 group rides

- 2 races

The dates are from August 6th to September 30th. The Top 10 graduates will advance to the semifinals, taking place in Oct 15th - Oct 28th. Then the Top 3 advance to the finals, held in mid-November.

Progress can be tracked on the Zwift website to make sure everything is accounted for. 

It should be pretty easy to do 2-3 sessions a week indoors now that it’s deep winter here in Australia. The cool part about workouts this year is that while you can still do all 10 solo, if you want to do it with others around you for morale and motivation, the group workouts count too!! Zwift have already started scheduling the first ones. 

I’ve setup my own Zwift station indoors as it’s way too cold to be in the garage/outside for sessions now. 

There have been a tonne of questions posted up and answered in the Facebook group with lots of interactions to help each other. It’s a great community. 

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